Palika a haven for adult toys

NEW DELHI: It's the worst kept secret in town. If you want to buy a porn CD, all you need to do is stroll into Palika Bazaar — the unofficial porn C
D haven of the Capital — and pick up whatever you like. And now, the market has another claim to fame: it's fast emerging as a centre for smuggled adult toys too.

The moment you enter the underground market and walk close to any of the shops stocking electronic goods & CDs, you are greeted with hushed whispers of "Kya chahiye? Kya chalega? ‘' For the uninitiated, this is the clarion call of porn peddlers who have now added to their repertoire, besides CDs, an assortment of sex toys, most of them smuggled in from China.

Says a regular at the market, "The demand for these toys is quite high and even shops selling clothes and electronic goods have begun to stock them." The range of toys include vibrators and strap-on dildos, which come in different variations, including one with a remote. The hottest selling items, according to a peddler, are inflatable dolls. These dolls, made of latex, can be blown up to the height of an adult female — some even come with removable body parts.

Prices for the toys vary, depending on the customer. For example, the dolls, smuggled in from the US, are priced at Rs 9,000 initially but bargaining can bring the cost down to at least a third of that. And, reportedly, there's no dearth of takers according to a shopkeeper, he sells at least 10-15 of these every month.

The brisk sale of these toys clearly indicates that a huge market exists for them. In India, however, these toys are banned, which begs the question whether such a ban is justified.

Globally, the market for adult toys is massive, valued at approximately $15 billion annually, and growing at the rate of 30%. Sexologists say that the ban in India on these toys is ridiculous, since they are the safest, best and cheapest form of sexual entertainment.

Says Dr Prakash Kothari, professor of sexual medicine at Mumbai's KEM Hospital, "Adult toys are an innocent form of satisfying sexual desires. They also help in facilitating safe sex thus preventing unwanted pregnancies, controlling population growth and spread of HIV." It's an irony, he says, that while the government is ready to distribute free condoms, it is banning sex toys, which help in sex education and promote safe sex. China, incidentally, is the world's largest exporter of sex toys, accounting for 70% of global production. The country's sex toy industry provides employment to millions and is also a major forex earner.

In fact, the use of sex toys in India is nothing new. These toys, according to Kothari, find a mention in Vatsyanana's Kamasutra , where there are references to apadravyas (dildos) and life-size pratimas (wooden figures) being used in the sexual act.

"It's time we shed our pseudo-moralistic attitude," says Kothari. "In our country, the biggest challenge is controlling population and propagating safe sex. If the sex toy industry is helping in doing so and also creates a profitable sector in the economy, why shouldn't it be encouraged and legalised?" he questions.

Till this question is answered, sex toys will probably continue to sell surreptitiously in markets like Palika Bazaar.

11 more reasons not to marry

In her article “8 reasons straight men don’t want to get married“, Dr. Helen Smith did an excellent job summarizing the popular reasons men say they are postponing or outright declining the many charms and benefits of marriage – well, benefits for gay couples, anyway. With the recent Supreme Court decision dumping the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in favor of gay marriage, we can expect the argument that gay marriage somehow undermines straight marriage will continue to heat up.
In my opinion, this has things completely backwards – straight marriage is so badly and terminally damaged that the expansion of gay marriage will have little impact on the death of heterosexual nuptials – if anything, successful gay marriages will illuminate the many failures of hetero marriage that are causing men to flee from it.
Why is that? I’ve compiled my own, personal list of 11 additional reasons why I avoid marriage, and interestingly, my reasons are largely independent of the 8 reasons identified by Dr. Smith. Some of these reasons are deeply personal to me, but in the hopes that they might resonate with men who are conflicted on the subject of their own marital futures, I offer them up as an additional perspective as to why the single life is preferable:

1. Your wife won’t be able to manipulate you by withholding sex.
While some people (ok, women mostly) treat marriage vows as loose, conditional suggested guidelines, when I make a vow, I’m going to keep it. If it is within the capability of my mind or body, then I am both loyal and stupid enough to believe that a promise is a promise, and that “integrity” includes keeping one’s promises, especially in the face of adversity. So, if I promise fidelity to one woman, by God, the Universe, and Everything, I’m going to keep that promise.
I also have always had a large sex drive – I was hitting on my babysitters when I was 4 years old for goodness sakes. Even now in my mid-50′s the fires of passion still burn hot in me.
The combination of these two factors mean that I would be extremely vulnerable to a wife to wanted to manipulate me by denying sex – I’d have no recourse in law or morality. A man who coerces a woman into sex is viewed as a rapist, but a woman who coerces a man by withholding sex is a feminist hero?
You go, grrl. Out of my house. NOW. And no, I am not going to marry you, *****.

2. You won’t have to lose your vintage porn collection.
My first college girlfriend got me a subscription to Playboy magazine for my birthday in 1978, and although we broke up my senior year, I collected issues of the magazine until the spring of 1992, when my cohabiting girlfriend at that time discovered them and had an extreme screaming meltdown. She kept screaming for hours as I hauled them out to a dumpster. Then, she withheld sex for six months as a punishment for my transgression. I loved her dearly but her jealousy never waned, and eventually I had to break with her, as I was unwilling to live my life in a constant state of sexual starvation.

3. You can drive any car that suits your fancy.
Until I became comfortable with the notion of Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), I often chose my car with an eye toward the sort of woman it might attract. This left me with several expensive, high-maintenance models that looked pretty but didn’t suit me. I didn’t like the cars, either.
I now drive the perfect car for me – a 2004 Prius with moderate hail damage. My Prius is now old enough and ugly enough that it is a total chick-repellent. The hail damage increases the gas mileage to the point where I can drive from Dallas to Chicago on one or two tanks of gas, perfect for the day I become a MGTOW ghost – and, it is whisper-quiet at low speeds, so quiet that later models had to add faux engine noises for safety reasons.
Of course, if you get married, your wife will withhold sex until you buy her a gas-guzzling, planet-killing SUV so that she will feel slightly safer when she totals it. She’ll hate your car, whatever it is you drive.

4. You won’t have to compromise your religious beliefs, or lack thereof.
Although my mixed-up family has deep Catholic/Lutheran roots, I’ve been an atheist since early childhood. I hear no voices in my head, divine or otherwise. Technically, I think I’m actually a non-coherentist agnostic, in that God-talk is largely nonsensical to me, but when you say “agnostic”, many believers (particularly here in the Bible Belt where I live) take that as an invitation to regale you with whatever voodoo is talking in their heads that day. My inaccurate claim to atheism is safer in the sense that it allows me to be written off as a lost cause without having to engage in gobbledygook.
Women, in my experience, are much more “spiritual” than men, in that their overwhelming anxieties drive them to seek comfort and support through faith. I don’t fault them (much) for that, but I sure as hell don’t want to marry it, or compromise my professed faith to placate hers.

5. You won’t have to watch/hold/carry/rebuild her ****ing purse.
Dealing with a woman means being subjected to “female redecoration syndrome” – her constant, endless drive to change both her husband and her environment, and her oblivious dismissal of her man’s reluctance to do stupid things on her behalf. Reasonable things one might be able to work out with a reasonable woman (if such could be found), maybe, but going shoe-shopping with her when she already has a closet full of shoes? No, thank you.

6. You can undertake risky ventures without being undermined by your wife.
8 years ago an artistic entertainment district that I loved was falling on hard times just as my corporate career reached an impasse. So, I dumped my house and job and started my own entertainment business in that district. No woman would have tolerated a man who was as married to my business as I was (and continue to be) – women love commitment until it becomes slightly inconvenient for them. I know this in part because my live-in girlfriend enthusiastically supported my new business venture right up to the point where she bailed out 4 months in.
Now, I can gloat – the district is now thriving and the NYSE-listed corporation I left died in January, and my work has brought me a bit of respect. The girlfriend found a new man, picked up his meth habit, and was in prison when I last checked.

7. Your vacation time is your own.
I dislike vacationing intensely – maybe I’ve got a touch of Obsessive-Compulsive tendencies or some such, but I’m happiest when I’m working steadily and routinely. Vacationing with a wife would be agony for me even if we could agree where to go (no chance of that), and letting a wife vacation without you is marital suicide.

8. You won’t be humiliated in public by someone you loved and trusted.
When withholding sex fails to move you, or maybe she just nuts out one day, but women cannot seem to resist the urge to humiliate their husbands in public, rat on their sex lives, or whatever. Such behavior is a deep betrayal of the trust one should invest in one’s significant other, but I’ve never seen any woman ever be able to maintain the slightest degree of discretion about her husband’s quirks, foibles, or personal secrets.

9. You won’t have to serve as your wife’s proxy thug.
Women love using and testing their men by having them perform acts of violence at their behest – this gives women protection and deniability in the ensuing physical and legal melées. We see echoes of this whenever some feminist idiot wanders in here and demands we do something – anything – to stop rape, or online harassment, or whatever other bug just crawled up her thigh. This damsel-in-distress trope is nothing more than the bullshit manipulation of men; it criminalizes men and robs women of their agency.

10. You won’t suffer the marriage tax penalty – or subsidize her shoe collection.
Marriage is an economic disaster for men – not only in divorce, alimony and child support, but also in a happy marriage. Women rarely deign to marry impoverished men, or even men who earn less than they do. This means that those “lucky” married men suffer double-extra taxation – not only will your wife burn though your money, but the federal tax structure (in the US, anyway) is generally higher for the married than for two single people.

11. You won’t have to suffer her physical assaults on you.
The current feminist culture supports the right of women to physically assault men at any time for any reason. There may be good explanations for this from evolutionary psychology – women hit men when men show some emotional weakness as a way to get them to “man up” in the face of the woman’s need for a strong protector. Men are shamed and discouraged from reporting these assaults, and state and federal laws driven by the Duluth Model of gender violence often result in the arrest of battered men, rather than the women who attacked them.

Supreme Court pronounces gay sex illegal

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Wednesday set aside the decision of the Delhi high court, which had, in 2009, decriminalised gay sex.
A bench of Justice G S Singhvi and S J Mukhopadhaya had reserved judgment on March 27 last year on a bunch of petitions, many arguing in support and some against the HC verdict, after hearing arguments on a day-to-day basis for over a month.
The judgment, coming after nearly a year and nine months of remaining reserved, is the last one to be pronounced by Justice Singhvi, who retires on Wednesday (11-12-13).
While pleading for decriminalisation of gay sex, the Centre had subsequently told the court that the anti-gay law in the country had resulted from British colonialism and the Indian society was much more tolerant towards homosexuality.
The Delhi high court had on July 2, in 2009 decriminalised gay sex as provided in Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and had ruled that sex between two consenting adults in private would not be an offence.
Section 377 (unnatural offences) of the IPC makes gay sex a criminal offence entailing punishment up to life term.
Those in favour of the Delhi HC verdict and those opposed to it are divided on religious considerations. While liberal organizations, including NGOs advocating LGBT rights, are supporting the HC decision, those opposed to it are mainly from religious groups belonging to Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities.
Those who challenged the Delhi HC verdict, which came on a petition filed by NGO 'Naz Foundation', included BJP leader B P Singhal, All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Utkal Christian Council and Apostolic Churches Alliance.
The Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Tamil Nadu Muslim Munn Kazhagam, astrologer Suresh Kumar Kaushal and yoga guru Ramdev have also opposed the verdict.

7 global sex facts

Sex tax, Germany

We’ve all heard the snappy, hard-hitting phrase “sex sells”. It would seem that the officials in the German city of Bonn have taken this phrase to a whole new level. They have installed a meter in the city to tax their 200 prostitutes. The fee is six Euros and is expected to earn 200,000 Euros per year. You even get a receipt.

The land of the fertile, Russia

Although in a recent survey the Russians were reported as being the least happy with their sex lives (along with the Fins), one woman in Russia holds the world record for having birthed the most children. This fertile lady gave birth 69 times, having 16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets. Where did she find the time?

Sex toys banned, America

In a global survey Jennifer Lopez won the crown of being the world’s sexiest woman. Halle Berry and Britney Spears were joint third. Despite producing three of the most beautiful women in the world, parts of America seems decidedly prudish. For example, the state of Alabama has banned the sale of any items that are intended to give sexual stimulation.

Body sushi, Japan

If your two favourite things are eating and sex, then body sushi is for you. This Japanese tradition uses the naked body as a serving plate. The models are typically female. They are trained to lie still for hours, whilst food is eaten from their bodies. Sometimes the women will be painted or decorated too. The idea is based around the belief that sushi should delight.

Who has the most sex, global

According to a recent survey, Americans appear to have the most sex at 132 times a year. The Russian’s come a close second, with the average Russian having sex 122 times a year. In third place is the French at 121 and in fourth position is the Greeks at 115. However, the three countries with the lowest sexual frequency were Japan, Malaysia and China.

Sexual energy, China
Taoism is an ancient tradition that is steeped in Chinese customs and beliefs. Taoist’s believe sexual energy is life-enhancing and so they try to retain it. For males, one way to retain sexual energy is to prevent ejaculation. Some Taoist’s also encourage men to have many sexual partners; in order to access the beneficial energy released by women during sex.

Biggest orgy, Japan

On the 15th of March an annual fertility festival is held in Japan, where the penis is celebrated and revered. With the Japanese being such public fans of the penis, it is no shock that it is they who hold the world record for having the biggest orgy ever. 250 Japanese men and 250 Japanese women had sex in a warehouse at the same time. They’ve even released a DVD.

8 Super Hot Foreplay Techniques To Please A Woman During Lovemaking

Sexual pleasure is important for both the partners to strengthen the bond and relationship between them. For many, foreplay is as essential as the act of sex for experiencing pleasure. It is the stimulation that takes place before the sexual intercourse. In a way, it prepares the mind and body for sexual stimulation and orgasm.

It is required to know the foreplay techniques to please a woman during lovemaking because women in particular like foreplay and can't get enough of it. If done the right way you will leave your woman craving for you more and give her immense sexual pleasure.

There are different ways and foreplay techniques to please a woman during lovemaking. The body has nerve endings on different parts which transmit the sensations caused by touch, to the brains. These receptors are present densely on parts like the lips, male organ, clitoris, nipples and soles of the feet. They are called erogenous zones. It is desirable to recognize the zone which stimulates your woman the most.

Whereas men are aroused more visually, women get aroused more by what they feel or hear. Some find light touching also very stimulating while some prefer massages and kissing. Women like to have their necks kissed, fingers stroked or suckled. Some may find nibbling at the ear very arousing. Various foreplay techniques to please a woman during lovemaking are as follows:

1. Kissing: Kissing, for many is the first step of foreplay. Some are satisfied with light lip to lip kisses, while some prefer deeper kisses. Kissing is an intimate act because of the close contact. Kissing or oral stimulation at the clitoris in women can be a pleasurable experience since this is a sensitive area.

2. Massage: One can have a sensual massage as a foreplay technique. Massage the woman’s sensitive parts with or without some lubrication. This will heighten the woman's sexual senses. Use these foreplay techniques to please a woman.

3. Bath: Bathe together under a shower giving the woman a back scrub or get into a bath tub together and clean her.

4. Undress Slowly: Right from undressing the woman, start slow. Slowly take off her clothes and explore her body with your hands and lips.

5. Awareness: Be aware of what your woman enjoys and responds to. Notice her breathing pattern which can help you recognize what arouses her the most.

6. Stroking: Many do not know the power of gentle stroking. Being gentle in your touch and stroking a woman's fingers, toes or breasts or other parts of her body can arouse her.

7. Fantasy: It is important to connect with your partner and know of her fantasies. You can enact her fantasy and take her to a high level of arousal.

8. Vaginal tightening pills: Aabab tablets work superbly in enhancing sensation and excitement during penetration. It gives natural tightening experience and adds pleasure and fun during the whole lovemaking act.

One has to let go of the inhibitions and communicate with the partner about her desires and fantasies. The partner can satisfy these fantasies in order to stimulate and give pleasure. With open discussions, trust and the willingness to please each other, one can fully enjoy the foreplay techniques and the sexual intercourse. Foreplay builds up the anticipation and therefore results in the woman longing for more and in better orgasms.

20 Things Men Don’t Know About Women

A friend of mine, a guy who used to occasionally step out on his woman and hook up with other girls, had the strangest theory about the female species.

“Women don’t cheat,” he told me, when I asked if he was ever worried she was doing the same thing to him. “It’s just not in their nature.” I just laughed. Of course, I was not at all surprised when he found out she’d been two-timing him for most of their relationship after their inevitable breakup, but he was completely shocked.

There are of course many things that men don’t know about women, mainly because we don’t want them to know, and so we try and keep them hidden really well. But during my two and a half years of interviewing countless ladies for Maxim‘s sex section, I discovered that there are many, many more things that we ladies keep hidden from men …

When you’re not around, we fart. The longer, the louder and the stinker, the more enjoyable.

  1. As soon as we are alone in the house—husband leaves for the office, kids go to school, roommate goes out of town—and we have quality free time knowing no one is going to walk in on us, we masturbate. Sometimes we even just do it if you’re still in the house if that quality free time is never going to come. Usually, it’s while we’re in the bathroom.
  2. A good majority of us prefer to pee outside. And in the shower. And sometimes we really just want to do it in the hot tub, but we try to not do that one out of respect for everyone else in there.
  3. We pluck stray hairs from our toes, our chin, our lips, moles on the backs of our legs and our nipples. And we really, really enjoy plucking a stubborn ingrown hair. Getting that sucker out is, for some gross reason, such sweet satisfaction.
  4. When we’re in love, we smell your clothes or the pillow you were sleeping on when you’re not around. If you were to catch us doing this, we’d be mortified.
  5. We’ve all wished that we could be more open and casual about sex from time to time … maybe go to a swingers party, have a threesome or be a dirty stripper for a night, but with no emotional consequences.
  6. Deep down we really hope that your guy friends secretly want to sleep with us, and very often we will dress for them and subtly flirt just so they will. We don’t want to bone them; we just want them to want us.
  7. We are not insulted in the slightest by those catcalls from construction workers, as long as they aren’t rude or nasty. It’s kind of flattering. We also like it when you get a little jealous, to a degree. Not in an irrational or psycho way, just a bit to show you’re protective and you care.
  8. We regularly check in on what our exes are up to via Facebook, emails or texts. As long as we have the technology, they will never be fully out of our lives or minds. This doesn’t mean we still love them; we’re just curious.
  9. When we have girls’ nights, we do bad things that you wouldn’t approve of like spill all of your embarrassing secrets, sneak cigarettes or other substances, and drink way more than we let on. Grinding with strangers at a club can also sometimes occur.
  10. When you’re not around, we fart. The longer, the louder and the stinkier, the more enjoyable.
  11. If you’re really hot or the sex is good, you can be a total idiot and we’ll still date you for a while. But we’ll never marry you. Brains and kindness will always trump sexiness when it comes to marriage material.
  12. A lot of times we really like to have sex on the first date to determine whether the chemistry is there and we should have another date. Or sometimes we’re just plain horny and want to get laid. We hate being judged for it.
  13. We hate waxing our privates. Hate it, hate it, hate it. But, we like that when it’s cleaned up you go down on us more readily. In a perfect world, you would go down on us with regularity on naturally poofy pubes.
  14. When a guy says he doesn’t want kids, it’s really a dealbreaker for almost every woman who is still of child-bearing years.
  15. The majority of us don’t really care about how much money you have or make as long as you are kind and emotionally generous and work hard. Laziness and lack of motivation is inherently unsexy.
  16. A lot of us are fakers … when it comes to our love of sports and being outdoorsy.
  17. We love flaws on guys. A little belly, gray hairs, even a receding hairline. It reminds us that we all have body issues and that we shouldn’t be so insecure or hard on ourselves. Being human is cool. But being whiny about your paunch or constantly fussing over your gray temples is as annoying as us always asking, “Does this make me look fat?”
  18. During sex, we’re usually thinking about something other than you. A gross and pervy situation, another man, being dominated … who knows, but we always, always fantasize. It doesn’t mean we’re not sexually attracted to you, we just need the weird mental images to get us off.
  19. We don’t consider drunk kissing cheating, as long as we’re the ones doing the drunk kissing. We consider sex with another man cheating.
  20. We cherish our independence and “me” time more than you’ll ever know. We say we miss you, but are often secretly glad you’re going so we can just totally relax and be ourselves. But we still love it when you come back.

Make your First Night Memorable

A little anxiety coupled with moments of anticipation and finally some wild thoughts, the perfect first night experience is often sprinkled with moments of coy reservation!

Most couples nurse nervous speculations and deep seated performance anxiety about their first night of closeness. Hearsay from newly wed friends or common beliefs picked up from random sources add to the sexual tension. Knowing the exact way to get it right is an arduous task and if gone wrong, you may end up facing a catastrophic situation in your bedroom with your first nuptial boo-boos.

We spoke to some couples to know the common blunders they made (inadvertently) on their first night. Of course, it wasn't just about 'sex' on the first night, as there were numerous other problems which could ruin the first night craze...

Boo-boo: A moment in haste and its all waste
Without much knowledge about sex, couples encountered awkward situations like premature ejaculation for men or women getting overtly apprehensive about ******l pain and hymen bleeding. Fear is the biggest factor affecting performance on the first night.

Top Tip: Make the act more pleasurable
No person is a master sex performer, so indulge in a prolonged foreplay session to make your first night a tender bonding experience. Even if things go wrong, stay calm and try again after some time. Sometimes the wedding stress and the discomfort of an all new environment takes a mental toll. The body and mind may not be fully open for the experience of sexual discovery. Being patient is key.

Boo-boo: Experiments can wait
Agreed that it's your first time with your partner, but don't get overtly excited. Couples are all geared up to try new acts in bed, but first try and figure out your partner's comfort quotient.

Top Tip: Every night is a first night
Don't think that the first night is your 'one and only' chance to make love passionately, with time your bond will grow even more special with your better half. The first night is just the beginning of pleasures. Don't fret and waste it in performance anxiety!

Boo-boo: Look sexy in tradition
It's believed that a bride must remain in her wedding outfit and let the husband come and lift up the veil (‘ghoongat’). But modern day brides aren't too interested in donning the ostentatious outfit for too long and the minute they enter the bedroom; they prefer to undress into a sexy lingerie/night gown. Now, no matter how sensuous your night gown maybe, it doesn't have the same charm as a wedding ensemble. This fashion faux pas forms a lesser known, but common goof-up for brides.

Top Tip: Gifts Galore
As the husband lifts up the veil of the bride's wedding outfit, she's entitled to a surprise gift (for 'mooh dikhayee'). Rings, pendants, necklaces are passé; think of something out-of-the-blue, maybe a romantic honeymoon package, which she would be least expecting or a glamorous outfit, a transparent, hot dress, which you'd like her to get clad in just for your eyes.

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